Practical Tips for Securing the Cloud Data a Business Has

Over 43 percent of the cyber-attacks perpetrated in the United States each year target small businesses. Failing to properly secure a network and the data on it can cause a number of problems. The last thing a business owner wants is having the sensitive data their clients give them wind up in the hands of hackers.

Working with professionals, like the ones at Online Computers and Communications, is a great way to find out how to properly secure the data a business has stored in the cloud. Attempting to handle these complicated matters without professional guidance will only lead to more data breaches in the future. Here are some practical tips on how to keep business cloud data safe.

Back Up the Data Locally

When it comes to managing data, a business owner needs to have a local backup in place. Creating these electronic copies of important documents can be helpful if a company is hit with a ransomware attack. Many of the cloud providers on the market will provide their clients with individual backups for a reasonable fee.

A business owner will also need to use a physical external hard drive to backup their data regularly. By doing this, a business owner and their employees can easily access this vital information when needed.

Creating Strong Passwords is a Must

Most business owners fail to realize that the first line of defense their network has is a password. Failing to take password security seriously can come back to haunt a business owner. Requiring employees to change their passwords on a regular basis is a good idea.

Focusing on making these passwords difficult is also helpful. There are a number of programs online that can help individuals create and store their passwords in a safe place.

Rather than waiting until a cyber attack happens, a business owner needs to be proactive. Working with the professionals at Online Computers Support and Consulting Solutions is a great idea due to the experience they have. Give them a call or go to their website to find out more about this company and the services they can provide.


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